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Earning while Learning

An affiliate program that gives you an opportunity to learn and earn.

If you’re looking to create a brand new source of passive income, Wealth School affiliate program might be the last affiliate program you ever need.

Wealth School will provide a full training on the best ways to promote our service, as well as a growing repository of marketing resources so you can start getting new referrals right away.

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  • Work from Anywhere

  • Unlimited Earning Opportunity

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  • What We Are Offering


    With Courses in several different topics, they get to learn in easily digestible bite sized pieces and at their own pace that fits their schedule. If they are just getting started as an entrepreneur, have a busy schedule, or want to space out their learning session, Wealth School Courses is what they want.


    With MasterClasses they get all their learning materials at once. They can go at a faster pace to be able to take action & progress further faster. If they like moving fast & efficiently through their learning experiences and don't balk at large amounts of information, Wealth School MasterClasses is for them.


    MasterMinds are one of the secret weapons of the super successful & wealthy. If they want to turbocharge & electrify their business success and get to their next level of success as fast as possible, Wealth School MasterMinds is their best option & well worth the investment.

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         Great! We are looking forward to have you in our team. You can start earn a recurring income even you are just staying at home / anywhere at anytime. We pay a monthly commission of 10% per every new client you refer to our program. Yes, just simply promote and refer our program.

         For you to offer our Wealth School program effectively to other clients we want you to experience how this program works and see the benefits of all the learnings you will gain from WealthSchool. On this matter, you will confidently offer and testify why they need to subscribes and enroll to WealthSchool. Earning while Learning!



        We pay all of our affiliates once a month. All the commissions you receive throughout the month, will be sent to you via PayPal at the end of the following month. And it only takes 1-3 days from there to be in your bank account!

        You can also create a passive income by promoting our monthly plans, where we'll send you 10% of your new referrals payments every month for as long as they're paying active clients. Just refer new people to our service, and we'll send you a new payment every month.

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