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How It Works

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Choose Your Path

At Wealth School our mission is to help you as one of our students to go from where you are now, to where you want to be.

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Get Enrolled

Now that you have chosen your Wealth School education path, you can then select your payment method and make your enrollment payment.

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Learn & Get Paid

Once you have enrolled, your first lesson will be unlocked. As a Wealth School student, 30 days after the month you enrolled, you will receive your first payment.

Our Mission

The Wealth School mission is to create wealth diversity through the education of more wealth wise people. 

Wealth School believes that wealth is about more than just financial profits, it also encompasses mindset, happiness, freedom, continued learning, and much more. We endeavor to help you achieve them all on your path to building the level of wealth that you desire in your life. 

Learning Paths

Now Is Your Time To Go From

Where Your Are Now To Where

You Want to Be

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