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Get All The Benefits Of A Wealth School Founder Lifetime Alumni Membership For A Onetime Price!

This is your private invitation to become a Founder Lifetime Alumni. Because of you raising your hand through early enrollment, you have the opportunity to get more for less & be forever honored on the Wealth School Founder Alumni Wall.

Only  50  33 Founder Level Lifetime Alumni Spots Available.

Last Updated: 03/2023

Wealth School Founder Lifetime Alumni Benefits

  • FLAs receive lifetime access to all Wealth School current & future Courses that are released.

  • FLAs receive lifetime access to all current & future Wealth School MasterClasses that are released.

  • FLAs receive lifetime updates to all current & future Wealth School Courses and MasterClasses that are released.

  • FLAs receive a lifetime honored spot on the Wealth School Founder Alumni Wall. 

  • FLAs receive lifetime Free Access to all Wealth School paid live & online events. 

  • FLAs receive double the payout percentage for Alumni referrals.

  • FLAs receive periodic unannounced FLA Only Benefits & much more.

  • Wealth School Lifetime Founder Alumni (FLA)

    Founder Lifetime Alumni

    Kristy Y.

    "Believing in lifetime learning, I strongly believe everyone should endeavor to continuously acquire knowledge & continue up-skilling. At Wealth School we provide learning solutions & support that are needed in the journey of every entrepreneur and business owners of all sizes. Being a Wealth School FLA is a badge of honor that I wear proudly, as we contribute to creating the foundation for the birth of even more preeminent business owners for generations to come all around the world"

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    Wealth School Founder Lifetime Alumni

    The Wealth School Founder Lifetime Alumni(FLA) Membership level is an exclusive membership level that will only be available for a limited time to a very limited number of users. In fact there will only ever be a total of 50 Wealth School Founder Lifetime Alumni. These 50 Wealth School FLA members are made up of a global assortment of people & companies that strongly believe in, support, and champion the vision and mission of Wealth School.

    Wealth School FLA Member Requirements

    • Be committed to lifelong learning.

    • Be committed to attend at least one FLA member meeting per year.

    • Be committed to sharing Wealth School's vision and mission of helping to create more wealth wise people around the world. 

    • Be committed to becoming the best version of yourself & utilizing what you learn at Wealth School.

    Raving Reviews

    Here's what other FLAs are raving about.

    Wealth School - Founder Lifetime Alumni

    "It opened my mind to unlimited possibilities..."

    "Unconventional ways of learning develops patience, determination and commitment ...I'm grateful to have been shown this unbounded potential. It builds not only my knowledge, but confidence as well."

    Margaret T. Investor/Educator, PH.

    Wealth School - Founder Lifetime Alumni

    "Everything I Learn, I find useful not only in my business, but also in my life..."

    "What I love about it is that you are not just learning to learn, you are acquiring knowledge & wisdom that helps you grow into the version of yourself that allows you to be more profitable & a better person."

    Delicio B. Entrepreneur/Educator, US.

    Wealth School - Founder Lifetime Alumni

    "What I have learned has been invaluable to me and my business..."

    "Being one of the youngest software developers & business owners when I started, I am always looking to stay ahead. Learning to learn efficiently, & using what you've learned successfully is a skill I will share with those I teach."

    Kaycee T. - Software Dev/Youth Educator, US.

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